Attorney Comment
“Your report was impressive—it got my client out of prison.”


Prosecutor Comment
"Thanks for being professional in this stipulated case. I was ready to drop the charges if the defendant passed the test, but your work removed any doubt."


Parent Comment
"When the guardian ad litem told my ex-husband he would need to take a polygraph I was skeptical and figured he could beat the test, but now I am very I have custody of my children and they are safe. Thank you ever so much!"


Read Polygraph 101: An Outline and Polygraph 102: An Outline by Kenneth E. Blackstone.

Ken Blackstone is an expert consultant in

  1. Polygraph Examination
  2. Forensic Interviewing Read more.

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Ken Blackstone is the author of Polygraph, Sex Offenders, and the Court: What Professionals Should Know about Polygraph…and a Lot More. Click here for more information.


As an examiner, he has conducted more than 15,000 examinations, including

  • criminal examinations in areas such as rape, child sexual abuse, shaken baby syndrome, homicide, and domestic violence
  • post-conviction sex offender and post-commitment examinations
  • civil disputes such as divorce, child custody, and parenting agreements
  • corporate issues such as sexual harassment, workplace violence, fraud, and contract disputes

As a consultant, Ken Blackstone’s experience and familiarity with all applications of the polygraph make him a valuable member of the forensic team. He provides confidential consultation to both attorneys and forensic psychologists in all states regarding polygraph procedures used

  • in the evaluation of accusations of rape, kidnapping, homicide, child abuse, molestation, sexual harassment, and shaken baby syndrome, including false or coerced confessions; and
  • during sex offender management and civil commitment procedures.

Ken has been involved in more than 23,000 polygraph examinations as an examiner, consultant, and expert witness.

Forensic Interviewing

Subsequent to allegations of abuse, millions of children and adolescents are interviewed every year – and these forensic interviews are often the only means of separating true from false allegations. Read more.